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Award of Excellence (2018)

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Stephan Willing

is a composer and music producer for film and TV who works in the media industry since 2012 and started with composing commercials before he discovered  his passion for film scoring. He already worked with different orchestras including the Hollywood Symphonic Orchestra in L.A. and the F.A.M.E.S. Project Orchestra in Macedonia and composed music for diverse genres.


Stephan Willing

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"Stephan Willing's music is an asset to our feature-length documentary "... like yourself". Stephan's music composition and recording sensitively captured and intensified the mood and tone of our film without being intrusive. He perfectly managed the balancing act of adding a musical dimension to a highly emotional topic like self-love that makes it easier for the viewer to identify with it without coming across as cheesy. He contributed many ideas to this and at the same time remained open to our impulses as directors. The collaboration with Stephan Willing was always cordial and smooth. In the stressful final phase of production with the pressure to finish by the film festival, he also delivered new variations on a theme overnight, which we were able to incorporate immediately. Thank you! Susanne Petz, The Buccaneer, director and co-producer."
Susanne Petz, The Buccaneer,
Director and Co-Producer


You are looking for the right sound for your project?
Whether for the small podcast, the radio play, a commercial or the big film project. I compose individually for your company. Please get in touch for any enquirys and requests. I make you a personal offer.

Do you want to phone or you want the write me?
Mobil: +49 (0)152 3370 80 74
You can find me in the Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar in the citys Heidelberg, Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Weinheim (Baden-Württemberg/Germany) and on Social Media.