Stephan Willing is a German composer and music producer for film and media best known for Andromeda, Test Of Courage and Calvin Fragmenti. His work is remarkable for thrilling, exhilarating, both vigorous and gentle emotions getting under the listener’s skin. Among feature films and short films including commercial compositions for brands such as Mercedes Benz or Audi, he composed and produced music for the short film Test of Courage (directed by Rena Dumont) which earned him the Award Of Excellence for Individual Achievement in Music by Southern Shorts Awards. In addition he won Best Score for the sci-fi action drama Andromeda. 

Lately, he has been working on the music for the historical play “Liebe oder Leben” from Ingeborg von Zadow for the first time and he worked on the social documentary “…wie Dich selbst?” which premiered in summer 2021 on the “Fünfseenfilmfest” Starnberg. Currently he works on the music for the sci-fi drama Origin: Beyond the Impact which is a prequel of a trilogy based on the script of Jeff Patton. 

He recorded and produced some of the score together with producer and director Jeff Patton at Warner Brothers Scoring Stage. The lineup of the big orchestra comprised world-class musicians like the flutist Sara Anton or Tina Guo on Cello (Inception, X-Men, Iron Man 2). Jeff Atmajian (King Kong, Sixth Sense, The Hunger Games) one of the top orchestrators in LA orchestrated and conducted the score. Recently, Willing composed and produced music for the short film Andromeda (a Sci-Fi, action, drama directed by Emily Dean) recorded with the F.A.M.E.’S. Project Orchestra in Macedonia. Besides fantasy and sci-fi projects, he scored the short film”Hans im Pech”(a comedy/satire directed by Rena Dumont) with succeeding recordings of a jazz band in the Residence Theatre in Munich. 

Willing’s passion for music is rooted in the early age of being a singer and songwriter collaborating with artists and musicians from all over the world. He studied education music with the focus on classical and jazz music and completed his Master’s Degree at “Staatliche Hochschule für Musik” in Trossingen. More than one decade of training piano including lessons with Peter Nelson made him a virtuoso pianist. Willing is also experienced in conducting choirs and orchestra.

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2018 Winner Festival Award for Best Score – Short Andromeda by FilmQuest
2018 Nominee Festival Award for Best Score Andromeda by FilmQuest
2017 Southern Shorts Awards / Award of Excellence for individual achievement in music for “Test of Courage”




2023 Origin: Beyond The Impact, Director: Jeff Patton (Postproduction)
2021 Wie Dich Selbst, Director: Susanne Petz, Ralph Gladitz 
2015 Calvin Fragmenti, Directors: Philipp Westerfeld, Manuel Ostwald Thriller


2019 Minded Thoughts, Director: Ronnie Bugayn
2018 Andromeda, Director: Emily Limyun Dean
2018 Hans im Pech, Director: Rena Dumont
2016 Mutprobe, Director: Rena Dumont
2014 Without Sunlight, Director: Konstantin Korenchuk
2012 Carino Corazon, Director: Fabian Fröhlich
2012 Apollo, (2009) Felix Gönnert European Talent Competition, Soundtrack Cologne


2021 Historical Theater: Liebe oder Leben
2020 Hörspiel: Auf Der Suche Nach Der Verlorenen Melodie


2022 THW Stuttgart Image Film
2018 Water II
2017 BESV TRB1 Biker Trailer
2012 Audi Palermo Q5
2012 Audi R8 Coupe
2012 Mercedes Benz, Konfigurator A-Klasse
2012 Mercedes Benz, Shooting Break DVD
2012 Bike Experience, Film deutsches Motorradmuseum etc.